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Dan Gold is one of the world's most prominent tattooists. With a unique, revolutionary style fusing tattoo art and graffiti, Dan is truly the voice of a new generation and commands a loyal fan-base for his popular style.

Dan is a legend amongst his peers, an artist whose work is highly prized and sought after from all corners of the globe. An original artist in every sense of the word, Dan draws off his rich life experiences and unique creative vision.

Dan has been a major driving force behind reducing the stigma's associated with tattoos and has been at the forefront of the recent media explosion surrounding the tattoo industry.

Charismatic, big-hearted bad boy Dan is a rock star in the tattoo world. No stranger to fame Dan has tattooed everyone from Kate Moss to Britney Spears. Dan has been the focus of numerous national TV documentaries (including a BBC one-hour special on Dan's life called Under my Roof); talking head programmes and the star of internationally acclaimed TV show London Ink.

London Ink was spawned out of the phenomenal success of Miami Ink and LA Ink. Dan Gold was one of the major focuses of the series that ran for two seasons and was a runaway hit with viewers. Over the course of the show Dan's star quality stood out and it was clear Dan's electrifying personality was the reason why people were tuning in.

He opened his own shop in Kingston on Thames at the tender age of 21 and went on to flourish in San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York. Having worked all around the world from an early age and honing his craft with the likes of Tin Tin and Bernie Luther (legends within the industry) Dan settled in Camden at the famous Evil form the Needle.

Since then Dan has gone on to work at renowned tattoo shops all around the world. Dan Gold is currently developing his own TV show and touring the world's tattoo conventions as a headline artist.